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Foundation & Concrete Services in Saskatoon

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RCI Foundations works with residential and commercial properties in Saskatoon and the surrounding areas to provide foundation and concrete services.

Complete Foundations

One of the crucial first steps in home or building construction is laying the foundation. We offer complete foundation services from start to finish, including reinforcing the foundation with steel walls and creating footings from poured concrete. Foundations must be tailored like a custom suit to fit the exact building size and soil requirements. RCI Foundations completes precise measuring and layouts with every new foundation project. In addition to building new foundations, we also repair and stabilize existing foundations; including sealing cracks and filling in sink holes. We use techniques such as underpinning and drilled piers, along with grouting to stabilize the soil. Our contractors can also remedy drainage problems by installing under drain systems. Whatever foundation service you need, we can take on the job.

Survey – Backfill

RCI Foundations also offers backfill services as part of excavation for new foundations. This is an important step in building a home. Once the concrete walls have cured, the foundation is waterproofed, drain tile is installed, and an equipment operator back fills the area between the exterior wall and the designed grade level. A course, well-draining material will be used to keep the basement dry, such as loosed crushed rock. We move the materials in a safe manner and complete compacting, bracing the walls if necessary. The four key elements of backfilling are protecting the newly poured foundation from stress and pressure, using the correct materials to ensure longevity, compacting the backfill material to prevent erosion, and finishing the final grading to ensure water flows away from the foundation.

Grade Beams

Our professional foundation experts also install grade beams, used in footing construction when a full footing is not needed. Grade beams evenly distribute the load carried by foundation piers. The process begins by pouring concrete at one end of the concrete beam, aiming the chute from the truck and releasing the concrete, filling slightly more than needed for the finished height of the grade beam. Next, the concrete is vibrated for every 6 feet of pouring so that the concrete level falls. This also gets rid of any air pockets and places the concrete fully around the rebar. Next, the pouring is completed to the height needed in the grade beam and roughly leveled and finished. Proper installation of grade beams will ensure your foundation is secure and free of problematic repairs.

Concrete Services

RCI Foundations also offers concrete services in areas related to the foundation, as well as the installation of driveways, sidewalks, and patios. From pouring new concrete areas to making repairs, we can complete and job for you quickly and efficiently for an affordable price.